The Other Side of Monte Carlo

January 27, 2011 § 1 Comment

Pre-launch teaser posters.

In 2011, Skoda released a special edition of the Skoda Fabia in celebration of 100 years of the Rallye Monte Carlo. We wanted to offer potential customers a really special poster at the race and in dealership ahead of the model launch. We commissioned some nice illustrations from Mario Wagner based on two aspects of the race we thought were visually interesting. The first is the Night of Long Knives, the most famous and dangerous stage of the historic rallye.

“You’d have the be crazy to drive through some neighborhoods of Monte Carlo at night”

“Once a year the conditions in beautiful Monte Carlo become anything but.”

We then created a couple of follow up posters with pictures of the actual car, continuing with our basic direction of how the special edition was inspired by a more gritty and aggressive and not-so-pretty side of Monte Carlo that most people do not think of immediately.

“Not so much Casino Royale as much as Battle Royale.”

“The Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo. From the other side of Monte Carlo.”

“The Feeling of being in beautiful Monte Carlo during the off-off-off season”

“The Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo. From the other side of Monte Carlo.”

Here are some of the beauty shots from the shoot, courtesy Alex Rank.


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From some ironic meeting notes.

A few more due to popular demand. Stay tuned as we see where this goes.

A couple more as we plow through options and ideas on these…

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