Made the way they used to.

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Savage Custom Tube Amps

“Made the way they used to.”

My father has a small business making classic style tube amplifiers. He makes each one by hand using old vacuum tubes that he has collected over the years. This past Christmas, I was home and saw the collection of boxes those tubes came in and was really inspired. As I love “found object” design, as well as great “bad” type, I wanted to take a stab at a campaign inspired by these boxes as well as my dad’s “old-fashioned” approach to his amps. These are the first three, and I hope to follow with another three, as he has some opportunity for small space advertising in Rolling Stone magazine. Special thanks to Radovan Subin for his nice pics.

“From before Nipplegate. Hell, from before Watergate.

“From back when Marilyn was Marilyn and Manson was Manson.”

“Sound from before M became TV”


Skoda Scout Collection – Print Exploratory

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The Skoda Scout Collection.

“Remember when you went.”

Over the years, Skoda has released Scout editions for certain models. These featured more rugged, off-road stylings and features, giving a familiar model a new, more adventurous face. But each Scout has been marketed individually along the position of it’s parent model. I have always wanted to bring them all together under one campaign. This is a print exploratory based on an old art direction affectation of mine from many years ago. Its a nice effect and an interesting way to showcase the otherwise generic beauty shots we shot for catalogue. Note: These are not authorized by Skoda, merely a personal project.


“Collect a full set of anecdotes.”

“Have a back catalogue of your own exploits.”

“There are no souvenir stands in the middle of nowhere.”

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