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After several months of freelance with Scholz and Friends Praha, we managed to finish our relaunch for Wustenrot. In the Czech market, most people do not know that Wustenrot offers a full range of financial services products and insurances. As a brand, they are perceived¬† to be a bit old fashioned. Before beginning a line of harder sell product advertising, we wanted to launch with a two week “image” campaign, letting people know that “right now” wustenrot has products and services that would come in handy for just about anybody in just about any situation. Special thanks to director Roman Valent and Boogie Films for their hard work on the image spot… shown below in the english language translation.

Image Spot

Follow-up Posters

While producing the TVC, we shot the same scenarios as still so that we could support the image spot with printed material. The stunning pictures by Jan Rambousek capture the spirit of what we wanted with the brand to be… humorous, visually stunning and modern in execution. With the strong orange branding, our small image campaign has already made a huge impression on the market, resulting in record visits to the website and stores, as well as a strong sense of internal pride and purpose within the Wustenrot company.

Just to give a small idea of how the materials looked out in the field. Quite a nice impression, especially in dreary, mid-February Prague.

Metro system tunnel

Here is an interesting piece. This is the longest billboard in Europe… and we took over the whole thing.

Life Insurance Product campaign follow up

A few weeks after the image launch, we will begin a series of product spots promoting Wustenrot unique online life insurance products. The spots carry on the “prave ted” campaign line from the image spot, and highlight how Wustenrot comes in handy “right now” for people who find themselves (or put themselves) at risk. Again, special thanks to director Roman Valent and Boogie Films for pulling off a small production miracle.

Print Campaign

Once again,a great series of pictures by Jan Rambousek. Shot on set in-between takes from the TVC.

Bus Shelters

We were able to sneak off two really interesting interactive bus shelters. Each one was motion sensor activated to respond to people standing in the shelter. First is a video we did for the case study.

"right now, someone is 1 in 3,000,000"

Standing under the cloud area triggers a flashing light and thunder sound

"right now someone is in the wrong place at the wrong time"

 In this shelter, the sound of smashing piano is triggered by a motion sensor within the shelter.


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