Case Study – Staropramen Beer

We have Plans

This is the first “launch” spot for our “mame napad” campaign. Staropramen wanted to make a strong strategic move towards very young people as a way to gain more market share. As most czechs are very loyal to their beer brands and seldom switch when they get older, it was a pretty solid strategy. They wanted a dynamic, youth centric campaign that would make a splash from a PR standpoint and could be integrated with social media and events.

While the czech translation is a bit more nuanced, (the czech word “napad” means “idea”) “We have plans” was a strong way to present the brand as dynamic and youthful, as opposed to other czech beers which focus on “traditional” Czech beer drinking world: older groups of guys who (more or less) drink the same beer at the same table with the same friends at the same pub all their lives.

Our insight was fairly simple. Staropramen is the beer for people who have plans. For the night. For their weekend. For their lives.

Whatever your plans are, beer is at the center of it.

Evening plans

This is the making of video from the production company. It shows how we were able to get over a thousand people to attend the shooting in one of the nicest parks overlooking Prague. In the middle of a central European February. Not the greatest video… but gets the point across of how just a few stickers and Facebook page can get some results.

This was the follow up spot we did in the summer.

Summer Plans


Here are some examples of the posters that accompanied the campaign. These are the “english ideal” versions, as of course, they ran a bit differently after client considerations, but these are more or less what the intended campaign was to look like. Strong branding, product focus and a simple, malleable language construct.

Here are some posters we did that ultimately did not run due to a change in client and strategy about halfway through our first year. More on that result later. But I built these freaking coaster sculptures from hand and did the photoshop composing myself, so I will be damned if they don’t get seen somehow, somewhere. They were the first outlook on moving the campaign forward conceptually and visually.


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