Case Study – Kinder Chladek Project

Chladek, which is the Czech word for “cool place” is my first attempt at toy design. It was quite an experience, working with factories in Germany and China, and learning how to take something from a sketch to a semi-living and breathing product. Above is the original Chladek DIY toy, and below it is paired with the follow up, the “deluxe” Chladek.

Here is the full campaign video for Chladek which won two ADC Czech awards in 2010, for campaign and for promotion. It should set up our campaign quite nicely. More entertaining than me jabbering on here.

These a a sampling of the designs for Chladek. Some really cool ones done by the agency as well as fans.

This is a cool video done by someone who made Chladek into a speaker. Great fun from Fantya.

The latest homepage for Chladek in the Czech Republic. CLICK TO LAUNCH

Chladkoviny CZ

We wanted to do something un-Kinder like for the web so the promotion had some coolness for people over the age of 8. In a great show of faith, the client allowed us to make a “local access cable” style TV-show that spanned 6 episodes.  We created a fictional host named Ivo Rysavy (funny name in CZ, apparently) and in each episode, he recruits people he knows to come on and talk Chladek with him. Of course, because he is an complete idiot, it never really goes as planned.

In the first episode, we meet our host. He recruits the local paintball team to come up with a plan for modifying Chladek. They, of course, get carried away.

In the next episode, he invites his favorite late night fried street food vendor over to see if they can “smazak” a Chladek. He has a little crush on her so turns on the charm, to a point.

Later, he invites two skateboarders he sees around his apartment often. These two skaters were not told what they were in for and for the whole day, they had Ivo tag along with the show crew as they skated around. Of course, he too was a great skater. Once.

A nuclear scientist decides Chladek should be exposed to low levels of radiation from an isotope he conveniently carries around with him.

Ivo invites the guy who customized his ride over to show the kids at home how to chrome Chladek. And everything else.

And finally, in our most bizarre episode, Ivo hosts the Czech equivalent of the Easter bunny. Beranek. An easter sheep. This one plays more like a fever dream, but at least we get to meet Ivo’s mom at the end.

Chladek ended up being the most successful promotion in the history of Fererro Czech, and has expanded into other markets. The decidedly unscientific chart below goes into moderately more detail:

One of the biggest markets in Europe is Poland, which also proved to be a huge market for Chladek. For one of the first time ever, the much larger Polish market adapted a campaign developed by their smaller neighbor. The results were similar, with Chladek becoming a sensation, resulting in one of the most successful promotions in Fererro Poland history as well. The following year, Hungary also adapted it, and it seems likely that Germany will follow.

While imitation is the biggest form of flattery, we were really tickled by the Polish adaptation of Chladkoviny. Not often a show you develop gets syndicated.

In 2011, we wanted to do a new Chladek design for Poland, as it had proven very popular and they wanted to continue with it a second year. We had learned from the CZ that just offering Chladek again would not maintain the same high level of interest. So we designed a whole new Chladek, named Fridgi.

Here are the designs in 3d. I would like to make all of them… so we shall see what the future brings.

Given the popularity of the classic Chladek, there were some on-line who were comparing the new and old designs. To tease the launch, we created a viral. Check out the video below for the full story and viral.

Anyway, we are really excited for where Chladek will continue to go. So far, four countries in Europe have had amazing success with the campaign, and tens of thousands of Chladeks have found homes with adults and children alike.

Chladek featured pretty strongly in our lobby decoration as well and was sort of the inspiration for the design. By Czech artist/creative/designer Daniel Kupr. Click the photo go to his amazing site/blog.


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