Work 1 – Boston

AMC Pitch

While these ads did not ultimately run for AMC, they were the print cornerstone of agency pitch to American Movie Classics. Unfortunately, the agency did not win the pitch, but the ads were favorites of the C.D.

A few years later in a nice surprise, the Creative Director, having relocated to another agency, called to ask permission to use the line and layouts for a brief he was working on. Of course the answer was yes. Good work needs to get produced.

The ads were produced, nearly identical, for Borders Books in 2003 for CPB+Partners. Those layouts follow. Unfortunately, I do not have the creative credits except that Tim Roper was the the mutually supportive Creative Director.

The CP+B versions, done about a year and a half later…

One Cool Customer

In 2000, the E.P.A. through it’s Energy Star line wanted to promote usage of energy efficient air conditioners. It had to be an educational campaign with lots of information, so we developed a retro style newspaper campaign with our “one cool customer” as a cheeky way to talk about quite a boring subject with irony and humor. This is a personal favorite of mine.

“Far out, we just cloned Jack Lord”

“Sustainable cool. The relationship room temperature has on self image.”

Energy Star Brand ads 1999

These ads, while one of the first large print efforts I ever did, and some of the first headlines I ever wrote, are the cause of one of the greatest compliments I have ever received in my career. In meeting with John Hegarty before Christmas about 5 years ago, when thinking of moving to London, he looked at them and said he wished they were in his book. It was a good Christmas.

“A washer can clean more than just clothes

“It’s possible for a light to brighten more than a room.

“Some air conditioners can make any living space more comfortable.”

Myopia Hunt Club Posters

One of the benefits to living and working in Boston’s North Shore (one of the most beautiful places on earth for me, and I have seen a lot of places) is finding great little gems like the Mypoia Hunt Club. My partner Jon has a thing for retro movies, and the original Thomas Crown affair is one of his favorites. When we found out that all the polo scenes had been filmed a few miles from our office at the local, very exclusive Myopia Hunt Club in Hamilton MA, we stopped by for a visit. After a chat with some of the guys who played there (many remember the filming in the 60’s) they agreed to let us do a pro-bono poster campaign. Had great fun doing it, learned a lot about polo, rode a horse, got some swanky season passes to watch polo at the Club and won the local Hatch Show Awards for Print. Not bad for a lunchtime jaunt. Special thanks To Liz O’Donnell Nemeth for her great pics.

MRO Asset Management Software

Excerpt from briefing:

“Are you busy?”
“Hold on, let me hit pause.”
“We need you to take a small client. Very difficult brief. Asset Management Software.”
“That’s fine. We can handle it. What’s the budget.”
“They don’t have any.”
“So low budget shoot?”
“No budget for that.”
“Can the at least do stock photography?”
“Can they swing royalty-free stock?”
“How about illustration?”
“Let me check.”

While this typography technique is now quite overused, at the time (1999) it was still quite fresh and unseen and also the perfect way to communicate the purpose of the small asset-management software company. Plus I did them myself, and after nearly 10 ads, it was too much work to throw away just because it’s been done to death since then. This campaign represents the first client I was given by an agency to manage and develop completely on my own, as it was too small to attract the attention of older, more experienced creatives, and too big to tell to go away. However, it was assigned, at my quite young age of 25, it was a pretty big, scary step.

At the end of the campaign and 10 print ads later, the clients, in a ceremony in front of nearly 300 employees, presented my partner and I with replicas of the local Hatch Show Award show trophy bowl with heartfelt thanks for the work we had done for their small Boston-based software brand.

For that reason, in honor of such gracious client, these ads will never leave my book.


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