Work 2 – New York

2006 brand image campaign – Mercedes-Benz USA

In 2005 there was a new look needed for Mercedes  Benz USA advertising, as the proposed global look at the time was not seen as particularly inspiring.

The desire was to capture through art direction the essence of Mercedes Benz. That essence being beautifully crafted cars that reflected the brands’ promise to offer more to their customers than what was strictly necessary.

The look for the brand ads was developed to reflect that promise. Beautifully crafted with great thought to how all the details work together in a smooth and attractive way. Just like a Mercedes Benz car.

The ad look was approved and for the next few years was the basis for MB ads in the U.S.

2006 small space product campaign – Mercedes-Benz USA

Mercedes-Benz Regional Dealership ads

“The Sum of more than it’s parts” was quite a popular platform for the Mercedes Benz client. As such, we developed 4 TVCs highlighting key parts within the car. Given that technology moves so fast, these TVCs feel quite dated now, but at the time, we were amongst the first to use photosonic footage along with 24fps to create the special effect. We say among the first because the night the tapes were sent to network, an insurance company debuted their campaign using the same technique. I developed the first four with writer Ben Heiger, but the campaign was so popular it went for nearly two years with almost 10 spots.

Mercedes-Benz S350 U.S. Launch (proposal)

The S350 is a shorter, cheaper version of the ultra-premier S-Class. It was proposed to be launched in the U.S. in 2007. The campaign ultimately did not move forward due to two external factors:

1: Full sized S-Class drivers were outraged that a smaller, cheaper version of their 100,000 automobile would be made available to middle managers and 2: The client wanted us to fix the typos in the ads as the words were misspelled, otherwise, they loved the concept.

A nod to George

We made some poster proposals for BMW Motorcycles, a small client at Merkley and Partners. We wanted to give the dealers some cool visuals they could give out to customers inquiring about some of their cruising bikes. One of my first hardcore forays into photoshop illustration. Looking back on them, they still hold up, even though there are buttons in CS5 that do this sort of work automatically these days.

New York Post @work Insert Launch print campaign

In 2007, The New York Postwanted to launch a weekly insert called @work. Our claim for the insert was classic New York  speak, true to the politically incorrect tabloid style of the newspaper itself.

“You need professional help.”

New York Post Sports Insert

The New York Post released a weekly insert covering sports in New York. We wanted to capture the unique importance sports has to some families in New York with the Post’s own… “unique” voice.

Just for the heck of it

Found some old proposals of outdoor we almost produced before I left on my European adventures. Just some fun takes on politics, sports and gossip. Not sure if they ever went forward… probably not.


Soy health additive. One of the only projects DuPont did when I worked for them at Ogilvy NY.


I freelance creative directed a spot for McCann NY in Shanghai. While not my concept, as it was a generic corporate concept out of the McCann Beijing office, I am quite happy with the final execution of the film. The fact that we shot with Malcolm Venville and Chris Doyle may have had some to do with it. The concept translates as “HANDS UP” if you are ready for all the new techie goodness the world has to offer. A relevant message for emerging China circa 2006


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