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So our Octavia 360 site is getting some love and recognition. Nice after all our hard work. We got a bronze the local art directors club here in Prague, and also a “site of the day” from Design Licks. Here is the entry video for the cyber awards in Germany. We’ll see how we do.

and the design licks site of the day



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The success of Chladek in rasing awareness for Kinder refrigerated snacks led to other opportunities to expand the semi-freddi world. We developed a follow up promotion by created a series of Chladek inspired magnets.  To launch them, we created an on-line “Infinity Fridge” where the on-line community could take play with magnets on virtual refrigerator door. The more magnets that are created and uploaded, the bigger the door gets, ever expanding to accomodate the building of the worlds largest refrigerator magnet collection.

Here are some screen grabs, just in case the site is pulled down this year…

Made the way they used to.

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Savage Custom Tube Amps

“Made the way they used to.”

My father has a small business making classic style tube amplifiers. He makes each one by hand using old vacuum tubes that he has collected over the years. This past Christmas, I was home and saw the collection of boxes those tubes came in and was really inspired. As I love “found object” design, as well as great “bad” type, I wanted to take a stab at a campaign inspired by these boxes as well as my dad’s “old-fashioned” approach to his amps. These are the first three, and I hope to follow with another three, as he has some opportunity for small space advertising in Rolling Stone magazine. Special thanks to Radovan Subin for his nice pics.

“From before Nipplegate. Hell, from before Watergate.

“From back when Marilyn was Marilyn and Manson was Manson.”

“Sound from before M became TV”

Skoda Scout Collection – Print Exploratory

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The Skoda Scout Collection.

“Remember when you went.”

Over the years, Skoda has released Scout editions for certain models. These featured more rugged, off-road stylings and features, giving a familiar model a new, more adventurous face. But each Scout has been marketed individually along the position of it’s parent model. I have always wanted to bring them all together under one campaign. This is a print exploratory based on an old art direction affectation of mine from many years ago. Its a nice effect and an interesting way to showcase the otherwise generic beauty shots we shot for catalogue. Note: These are not authorized by Skoda, merely a personal project.


“Collect a full set of anecdotes.”

“Have a back catalogue of your own exploits.”

“There are no souvenir stands in the middle of nowhere.”

The Other Side of Monte Carlo

January 27, 2011 § 1 Comment

Pre-launch teaser posters.

In 2011, Skoda released a special edition of the Skoda Fabia in celebration of 100 years of the Rallye Monte Carlo. We wanted to offer potential customers a really special poster at the race and in dealership ahead of the model launch. We commissioned some nice illustrations from Mario Wagner based on two aspects of the race we thought were visually interesting. The first is the Night of Long Knives, the most famous and dangerous stage of the historic rallye.

“You’d have the be crazy to drive through some neighborhoods of Monte Carlo at night”

“Once a year the conditions in beautiful Monte Carlo become anything but.”

We then created a couple of follow up posters with pictures of the actual car, continuing with our basic direction of how the special edition was inspired by a more gritty and aggressive and not-so-pretty side of Monte Carlo that most people do not think of immediately.

“Not so much Casino Royale as much as Battle Royale.”

“The Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo. From the other side of Monte Carlo.”

“The Feeling of being in beautiful Monte Carlo during the off-off-off season”

“The Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo. From the other side of Monte Carlo.”

Here are some of the beauty shots from the shoot, courtesy Alex Rank.

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From some ironic meeting notes.

A few more due to popular demand. Stay tuned as we see where this goes.

A couple more as we plow through options and ideas on these…

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