Work 3 – Prague

Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo Special Editon

Pre-launch teaser posters.

In 2011, Skoda released a special edition of the Skoda Fabia in celebration of 100 years of the Rallye Monte Carlo. We wanted to offer potential customers a really special poster at the race and in dealership ahead of the model launch. We commissioned some nice illustrations from Mario Wagner based on two aspects of the race we thought were visually interesting. The first is the Night of Long Knives, the most famous and dangerous stage of the historic rallye.

“You’d have the be crazy to drive through some neighborhoods of Monte Carlo at night”

“Once a year the conditions in beautiful Monte Carlo become anything but.”

We then created a couple of follow up posters with pictures of the actual car, continuing with our basic direction of how the special edition was inspired by a more gritty and aggressive and not-so-pretty side of Monte Carlo that most people do not think of immediately.

“Not so much Casino Royale as much as Battle Royale.”

“The Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo. From the other side of Monte Carlo.”

“The Feeling of being in beautiful Monte Carlo during the off-off-off season”

“The Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo. From the other side of Monte Carlo.”

Here are some of the beauty shots from the shoot, courtesy Alex Rank.

The Skoda Scout Collection.

“Remember when you went.”

Over the years, Skoda has released Scout editions for certain models. These featured more rugged, off-road stylings and features, giving a familiar model a new, more adventurous face. But each Scout has been marketed individually along the position of it’s parent model. I have always wanted to bring them all together under one campaign. This is a print exploratory based on an old art direction affectation of mine from many years ago. Its a nice effect and an interesting way to showcase the otherwise generic beauty shots we shot for catalogue. Note: These are not authorized by Skoda, merely a personal project.

 “Collect a full set of anecdotes.”

“Have a back catalogue of your own exploits.”

“There are no souvenir stands in the middle of nowhere.”

2011 ADC winners.

For the third year in a row, our little upstart agency in Prague was the biggest winner at this years ADC CZ Louskacek awards. Here are my two contributions to the 8 awards we won this year. A silver in TVC and a Bronze in Interactive.

Silver TVC winner: Skoda Family Range Film

Bronze Interactive winner: Skoda Octavia 360

And this is the campaign video for an interactive concept for Skoda Octavia. A really nice website (though as usual, technology moves fast, since we have done this, 360 video has become du riguer) but it was an admirable attempt at true online/offline integration on a low budget and tight timing.

You can click the screengrab here for the most current version of the site, which was modified last month to accommodate the new CI.

Octavia 360 print

Here are two print motifs we shot with Marc Trautmann to support the 360 site. Pretty nice images, playing off the same symbols and visuals hidden within the website. More or less.


“Be a hero just for shopping.”  The long time position of the Tereza Maxova Foundation is that normal people can be heroes simply by buying products the the bear logo at their local store. The agency was requested to submit an idea for a new print poster campaign by Tereza Maxova personally, a famous Czech supermodel, having seen our work through a mutual photographer friend. We were able to produce some really nice images on the quick and cheap, though the concept is a bit overused.

Special Thanks to Goran Tacevski for his great images.

Skoda Superb Golf Ads

With the release of the new Superb in 2008, Skoda wanted to appeal to managers by doing a series of ads that were to be found in golf magazines around the CZ. We had fun doing these, and won local ADC Louskacek awards for them. Special thanks to Bernd Wagenfeld for his great illustrations.

For a nice treat, Bernd was singled out on, a fun blog about illustration, for his process on these. Click the link to see more. I found it pretty educational… and he gives me some nice compliment, so always a bonus…

Skoda Superb Business ads

Along side the golf campaign, Skoda wanted to print ads on the backs of business instruction books published in the CzechRepublic to market the Superb to potential managers (yes, publishers will sell ad space within books that will be sold in stores.) We got the back cover, which turned out to be nice space. Knowing the reader would have poured through hundreds of pages of charts and graphs, we figured we would mimic the look inside the books to show that the result of all that studying would be worth it one day.

Again, it was also a nice opportunity for me to do some illustrations as well.

Roomster Windows

A unauthorized print exploratory we shot and produced a few years back to support the Roomster Scout, with the positioning of “Imagine all you could do.” Given the huge rear window of the car, it goes without saying that the window drawings could get far more ambitious. I updated the CI of the ad to reflect Skoda’s new advertising branding, though we executed it a few years ago under the old CI.

Big thanks to Oliver Paffrath for giving us me a day of his time one rainy Hamburg weekend to do this.

I think what makes this even cooler is that we did not draw the windows in photoshop, but actually drew them by hand.

Skoda Greenline “Applause” film

We had about 5000 euro to produce this. Not a bad result for a weekend in Stuttgart with some friends, a red cam and absolutely ZERO wind (which we really needed)IT was supposed to be a cinema spot where the applause was done in the surround sound fashion.

Skoda Fabia Combi TVC

Here are two small spots we did for the Fabia Combi. Ended being a benchmark spot for a few years. The premise is based on the idea of “what if?” Many people debate buying a small sized combi because they never really think about what they may need the extra space for. But what if, for instance, you had to move unexpectedly?

Or what if you had visitors?

I’m a tad disappointed in how this spot came out due to the fact it was supposed to be revealed to be two kids with a school play prop. But in pre-production, the director got a bit carried away with making super duper props and costumes. By the time we saw everything, it was a bit too late to change course, but it is a sweet film, even if we are left wondering “what the heck?” If I could go back in a time machine I would highlight the “revealed to be his two kids with an obviously homeade UFO for a school pagent” part of the script.

Skoda Octavia Facelift

I have mixed feelings about posting this campaign.  While I creative directed the campaign, and concepted 2.5 of the three spots, I did not directly write the insight or all the dialogue. It was also the cause of a rift with a very talented writer on my team that I deeply regret due to very different visions for the campaign and a difficult political situation with a new client. At the end, they are three nice spots that a whole team was responsible for. Credit goes around.

Skoda Fast Start

In one of my very, very few local Czech spots for Skoda, they were offering a sales promotion where you could make a down payment for 1 crown. (about a nickel). The VO translates roughly to “you don’t have to work very long for a down payment on a new Skoda”

Muddy car

For the Fabia RS, we wanted to support locally an international spot featuring a S2000 that gets washed off to reveal a Fabia RS. We threw it together one day for a few hundred euros and hung out for a few hours in a very swanky part of Prague. It was actually a really cool experiment. We had hundreds of tourists stop and look not at the beautiful buildings, but at this really muddy car. The funnest part was overhearing the tour guides talk with pride about the new Fabia. is one of the bigger expat service sites in Prague. Shortly after moving to Prague, I contacted the owner, A nice british gentleman named Martin Howlings and we decided to do some work together on a new logo. From the logo exploration, we stumbled on this adapter symbol. It seemed appropriate as a poster-like icon of what expats does in it’s most distilled essence. Helps people to adapt properly to the Czech Republic. This poster/ad we created ended up becoming the unofficial mascot of Expats as “Pluggy” and is a large part of the site redesign launched in may 2011. Click to view the site.

For the fun of it, we created another ad as a nod/parody to the famous Economist ad featuring the Rubik’s cube.

We just landed a new client here in Prague for Scholz and Friends. GTS has been a leading B2B  telecom provider for the CEE region since 1993. Recently they expanded their offer to Virtualized Services (THE CLOUD) and we were tasked with coming up with a campaign to reposition them. We had a very low budget so decided to do something graphic and illustrative, in attempt to get away from the stock “office and worker” approach that so populates the B2B advertising landscape here. We created this “Working World” platform and I got to get a bit back to my graphic design roots and do some interesting illustrations . Also, got to write 7 pages of Virtualization copy, so that was… fun. Stay tuned for the official “whitepaper” and the web site experience. All in all, we are quite proud of this little campaign and are excited to see where it takes the client.

And one for fun that is very appropriate for living in Prague…

The following graphic is a link to the on-line “whitepaper” presentation that supports the print campaign. While each print ad discusses one benefit of the GTS Cloud offer, the “WorkingWorld.doc” site takes potential business customers through the complete GTS argument for their expert Virtualized Services. You can watch the video below or check out the site. It is pretty advanced HTML 5 stuff and really works well on Ipad/Iphones…

Click to view site


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